Welcome to Arizona Shotokan Karate.  My name is Tom Hyder.  I  began studying Shotokan Karate in the early part of April 1969.  After my first five years of training, I began teaching karate in Glendale in January 1973.

Myself and my students are all members of IIII Karatenomichi World Federation and follow the teachings of the KWF Chief Instructor and founder, Master Mikio Yahara.    KWF is an elite karate group, that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  Below are videos, that which show Master Yahara and KWF karate.  I invite you to view the KWF Headquarters website at http://www.kwf.jp/index.html.

And I encourage you to visit our dojo and observe a training session.  Observing students in training will answer many questions you may have.  Thank you.

                                       Tom Hyderhttp://www.kwf.jp/index.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Arizona Shotokan Karate IIII KWF America

Mikio Yahara sensei in action

Mikio Yahara sensei chair defense

Mikio Yahara JKA sensei tribute

     We, people who love and practice the universal way of karate, have created an entirely new kind of organization, the Karate no Michi (Way of Karate) World Federation, as a place for mutual study that will serve to deepen our friendship. This is not a style of karate. We want it to function as a dojo in which everybody can freely participate and practice self-study. In this manner we, with everybody's help, hope to develop a new creative approach in our pursuit of the karate way.

YAHARA Mikio Sensei


Mikio Yahara sensei 8th Dan Exam

Mikio Yahara sensei Embu. 

Opening ceramony of the Shoto dojo.

Mikio Yahara Shotokan Master and his 
security agengy on Japan television.
Mikio Yahara sensei demonstrates Empi

Mikio Yahara sensei Bassai-Dai Oyo

Shotokan Master Mikio Yahara on TV

Mikio Yahara sensei on uraken uchi

Mikio Yahara sensei Kumite

Master Mikio YAHARA Chief Instructor


View a training  session.

Training at the KWF Hq dojo